Directory of North American Carillons

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Church of the Holy Trinity

Instrument info: 1882: Van Aerschodt (25)
Player's Name and Contact:

Lisa Lonie (

The Church of the Holy Trinity, Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Pennsylvania, USA

Mercersburg Academy (Henry Bucher Swoope Carillon)

Instrument info: 1926, 1996, 2003, 2006, 2008: Gillett & Johnston / Meeks & Watson / Whitechapel (50)
Player's Name and Contact:

James Brinson (

Mercersburg Academy Chapel, Mercersburg, PA, USA, Pennsylvania, USA

Miraculous Medal Shrine Carillon

Instrument info: 1900, 1942, 1947: Paccard / Bigelow (47)
Player's Name and Contact:

JanetTebbel (

The Miraculous Medal Shrine, East Chelten Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Pennsylvania, USA

Schwarzwald Lutheran Church (Bells of Joy)

Instrument info: 1964: Van Bergen (24)
Schwarzwald Lutheran Church, Church Lane Road, Reading, PA, USA, Pennsylvania, USA
Contact Person: Patricia Weiser (