Directory of North American Carillons

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Cathedral of Christ the King

Instrument info: 1933: Whitechapel (23)
Player's Name and Contact:

Charlie Hogg (

Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King, King Street West, Hamilton, ON, Canada, Ontario, Canada

Norfolk War Memorial

Instrument info: 1925: Gillett & Johnston (23)
Player's Name and Contact:

Jim Nicholls (

Ontario, Canada

Paroisse St-Jean-Baptiste

Instrument info: 1940: Michiels (47)
Paroisse Saint-Jean-Baptiste d'Ottawa, Empress Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada, Ontario, Canada
Contact Person: R.P. Martin Lavoie (

Rainbow Tower Carillon

Instrument info: 1947: Taylor (55) (currently unplayable)
3WRJ+M3 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, Ontario, Canada

St. George’s Anglican Church (Cutten Memorial Carillon)

Instrument info: 1926, 2006: Gillett & Johnston, Meeks & Watson (36)
Player's Name and Contact:

Donald Hamilton (
Robert Jewell

St. George's Anglican Church, Woolwich Street, Guelph, ON, Canada, Ontario, Canada

University of Toronto (Soldiers’ Tower)

Instrument info: 1927, 1975: Gillett & Johnston / Petit & Fritsen (51)
Player's Name and Contact:

Roy Lee (
Michael B. Hart (

Soldiers' Tower, Hart House Circle, Toronto, ON, Canada, Ontario, Canada
Contact Person: Kathy Parks (